A-DO (Ter-Martirosyan Hovhannes) was born in Nor Bayazet (now Kamo), in 1867. An Armenian historian and economist. Member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) in 1895-1903. Graduated from the Yerevan Diocesan School (1891), studied at Faculty of Law at Kharkov University and Faculty of Psychology of the St. Petersburg Neuropsychiatric Institute. 

His works refer to the history of social and economic life of the Armenian people and the Armenian liberation movement. A-do revealed the essence of the policy of the tsarist autocracy regarding the issue of inter-ethnic clashes in the book "The Armenian-Turkish clashes in the Caucasus" (1907). The socio-economic and political situation in Western Armenia, its administrative structure, as well as population statistics are described in the works " Vilayets of Van, Bitlis and Erzrum " (1912), and "The events in Vaspurakan in 1914-1915" (1917, describing the self-defense of Van, 1915, history of migration to Eastern Armenia). He is also the author of literary works. 

A-do died in 1954 in Yerevan. 

 Source-Encyclopedia "The Armenian Question", Yerevan, 1996. 

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